Thursday, 30 June 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist for Google

There are many online business owners who know nothing about SEO. They have the wrong impression that a website is the only thing you need to run an online business. But they must remember that their site is useless if it is not visible to many people. People will visit your site when they meet. There are hundreds and thousands of website. It is impossible for people to remember the site addresses so many years. There are some sites on the Internet that provides a search box where people can write what they want and the return of hundreds and thousands of sites seem relevant to the search string. Web sites that allow users to search a specific website called search engines and terms are searched in the search engines are called keywords. The Internet search engine Google is the most popular.

The first thing that online business owners need to do is to perform keyword searches on its site. First, they must write down a list of terms related to their niche. Then they should put these words in the keyword search tool of Google. Then a huge list of keywords to find. The list also contains a lot of competition in your keyword and the keyword search volume, both globally and locally. It is recommended that you select keywords that have an average number of search results is too large or too small it is.

However, competition is high. Make sure that all of the keywords you choose are relevant to your niche. You can choose as many keywords you want to have no limit. However, you should select a maximum of 10 words a new website. When you reach the top level of these keywords, you can always increase the number of keywords.There method by optimizing the site with the keyword selected. First we should use the domain naming master key because Google is the domain name, which is the key word. Two of the most important for website SEO point of view, are the meta tags. Meta tag consists of a meta title, description and keywords. Each web page should consist of a single meta tag. Meta Title should begin with the keyword after 7-8 words after the name of the company. Meta Description spite of a promotional nature should never be sales pitch. It should briefly describe what the page is about.

It should contain keywords, but not more than twice. There should be more than 160 characters. 140 characters is the best. The keyword should contain Meta tags. However, no mention of more than 10 keywords in the Meta keyword section.When I can use a head page of a website, note that the head should be short and should be composed of a single keyword. However, when using a head which may include one or two keywords, such as its length should be slightly longer than the head ideally no more than 160 characters. Each page should focus on only one or two keywords and the keyword should be used as a minimum of two and a maximum of 5 times per 100 words. This prevents the search engine to look like keyword spamming. The body content should be at least 400 words, including the header. You should never use any domain name or email address here. However, we can use the keyword as anchor text links base.

What is your main purpose of your business? Promotion. you need to do is search engine friendly so that your site can get a good result of major search engine. Then you will get more traffic to your business, you growing.If think we're able to get the SEO analysis report on your website, we provide completely free to the best SEO company - SEO Top.

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