Saturday, 16 July 2011

Internet Marketing Direct Discovers SEO Cyber Pirates

As of July 15th 2011, John Mu founder, one of Australia’s fastest growing Internet Marketing and SEO companies, have discovered white collar ‘SEO Cyber Pirates’ preditorially targeting helpless businesses big and small and sending them dead broke.

“This problem is so large that it’s permanently tarnished the SEO industry on a global scale, and it’s still happening today” says John Mu at

Who are SEO Cyber Pirates?
SEO Cyber Pirates are individuals or companies that implement un-natural SEO ranking strategies for short term gains. 

What most businesses don’t understand is that, such practices only give good short term results. Once Google updates its Algorithms, it weeds out all the unnatural links and removes them permanently. Depending on the severity of the Pirates actions, Google may even ban and sandbox business websites. This means that businesses are paying SEO Cyber Pirates for links that were destined to be taken away. Businesses will have lost precious time, lost money for paying SEO, and most importantly lost potential online clients and sales.
Unfortunately, these SEO Pirates are virtual and can live anywhere in the world. However, Internet Marketing Direct have found that many of these predator's live in developing countries such as India and China. 

The only way to avoid them is by understanding the way they approach for business. Usually, they use call centers and offer SEO services with guaranteed success at budget prices. Don’t fall for this trap and only contract out to companies with high credibility. Companies that have suffered major ranking drops, should reconsider another SEO provider as this is a sign of a SEO Cyber Pirate at work.

Internet Marketing Direct encourages businesses to avoid this painful experience and support reputable companies. Reputable companies have a reputation to uphold and will not risk tarnishing their business for short term gains.

This article was written by John Mu professional Internet marketer, author and speaker.

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