Friday, 15 July 2011

Tips To Conduct Good SEO Keyword Research

To be successful in your search engine marketing campaign, you need to do SEO keyword research. Discover the best keywords to use in their internet marketing campaigns is crucial if you want to rank well for search terms that will drive traffic to your site. Fortunately, learning how to search keywords is not hard at all.

Take a piece of paper, or open a spreadsheet program, so you can keep track of the keywords. It's advisable that you use  one page per project, so you can keep everything organized. This will also allow to add more keywords at a later date or to reuse for another project.

Start by thinking about the topic of your project. Write down all keywords that you think your customers will use to find the information or product you are offering on your website. For example, if you are running a dog training site, some keywords that you can come up with would be,  ' How to train a dog  ' or tips  training  ' dog '.

When they have scored every keyword that can think, open the web browser and go to your favorite search engine. Type the first keyword in the list and see what you develop Web sites. Visit websites whose topics are similar to yours, and type the words password you are using.

Typically, the website will list their keywords in meta tags, located in the header of the site. You can view them by viewing the source code of a Web page. In Firefox, click View  '  ' and then Page Source  '  '. In Internet Explorer, click the Page  '  ' and then ' View Source/ '.

Next, click in the keyword research tool like WordTracker or Google  in the keyword tool. These programs will be a list of keywords based on what you put into the search box. They also tell you how many searches are done on a keyword for the day. This is useful in determining if a specific keyword, you should use.

Once you have your keywords, you need to analyze them to determine whether they will work well for the project. Google keyword tool will tell how competitive a keyword is. Don  automatically assume you want to use keywords with lowest competition. Sometimes low competition is because of low search volume for that particular keyword. Use keywords that have a good balance of competition and search volume.

The estimated average CPC will tell you how much advertisers pay per click. If you use Google Adsense to monetize their content, we can estimate that it will win around 30-50% of that amount. If multiplied by the number of visits, and then dividing that total by four, you'll get an estimate of income you can expect to generate with that keyword.

Proper keyword research SEO is required if You want to attract the right traffic from search engines. Put an effort to get it right and you will appear as gives you an opportunity better to project success.

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