Sunday, 3 July 2011

What Are the Best First Steps in SEO?

Before you start with SEO, the first thing you ought to know is where your site ranks for the keyword phrase you chose. There's lots of methods & tools that you can possibly use, but the I use is Pear Analytics' free tools on its net site. All you need to provide is your website's URL as well as the keyword that you have used. In few seconds after you hit the search button you will know your exact position on Google rankings.

While monitoring your results, you will need to increase them. This requires that you understand Google PageRank--the formula that Google makes use of to calculate the authority of a sure site in its particular niche. In order to build up your PageRank, you first need site traffic. Traffic is the main point that you need to accomplish that is why lots of are working hard to be on the top list on page ranks which will make you gain more viewer & even buyers.

The second thing you will need is to increase the number of backlinks to your net site. You can first check how lots of backlinks you have by using Yahoo Site Explorer, a free device provided by Yahoo. Usually, a few hundred quality links will be to get your site in the top ten on Google.

So how are you able to get backlinks? The simplest way is to pay for them, but make sure you get your links from sites that are related to yours & have a high PageRank. You can also get links by posting comments on related blogs & editorial directories. The best links are those that do not contain the nofollow attribute, which Google invented to permit people to generate links that do not influence a site's PageRank. This measure was used to reduce spam on the net.

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