Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Will Social Bookmarking Helps You To Increase Website Traffic?

Ever heard the phrase "A link is a link? "wonder what this means? In short, this means that any link on one of your pages in a Web site is useful for your website. Instead of spending huge amounts of time on search engine optimization, blogging, reading the latest theory on that search engines will do next, why not help a few links to Web sites?

All links are not equal, but all links are good. Some links carry more weight than others. For instance, a link from a PR5 or PR6 will do much of good page on a site with a few links to your site. But how do you want this link to get to?

You can spend a huge amount of content to write to the hours and the only hope for another webmaster of your site and it has notes of impressed by the excellent information, which he claimed that, without a link to the Web site. What is the potential? It happened to you yet?

If you're like most people, you will be answered "No" to this question. " For most of us, we must go out and get our own links. Social bookmarking is a way to accomplish this, with presentations section, directory submissions, public service announcements and leaving comments in blogs. All these links building methods to increase the authority of your Web site, and therefore your website traffic will increase as researchers more are your Web site in the list of search engines.

There are quite a few sites with high PR social bookmarking, but much more bookmarking websites with PR 0. Don't discount low PR, but make your goal to get as many links, you can at all bookmarking sites, regardless of page rank.

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