Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Title Tag Optimization Tips

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The most important on page element is the title tag. As it tell the visitor who you are and what your business is.

Always keep your title tag of approximately 70 characters (with spaces) so that the search engine can index all those characters without leaving any.

Important things to note down

Add your Brand Name: If you feel that the customers is in search of your brand name then make sure that you haven’t left your brand name in your title tag. It helps a lot to your visitor and makes their search easier and it also helps the search engine show the exact search for your visitor.

Keywords: Be careful while placing keywords in your title tag. Always remember about keyword prominence as it helps a lot in your SERPs ranking. But do not over optimize you title tag with your keywords.

Include your 1-800 or any of you other toll-free numbers: Sometimes it is advised to include you contact number or your toll free number in your title tag for your customer. For example a customer has planned to order a pizza so that he/she searches for “Dominos Pizza” say for example. For sure this search term show the website “”. The customer will find no difficulty in finding their contact numbers if they have it on their title tag, if not add your contact number on meta description tag which also has the same benefits.

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