Thursday, 14 July 2011

Google Panda Algorithm Update - How To Write Articles

Article Marketing will be live, but you may have to learn to write articles differently after the Google panda algorithm update. Some call it a farmer, but it only updates one guy  name for it-Google called the Panda, Panda's back. What made this Panda algorithm updates reach?

Panda is an update to the Google search engine algorithm , which determines which web pages should be indexed, and if these pages should appear in the pages of results offered for men using specific search terms to find information. In a nutshell, changed the way in which Google was looking at web pages, and they listed and in turn how online marketers use article marketing.

The main change was to place more emphasis on the site as a whole, and to remove Web pages that failed to provide expert information on this topic. If an article seems shallow content, and seems to be written by an expert, if sloppy and not also under consideration, if short, or failed to provide information other than what is clear, and then Banda may decide it's not worth a list.

Remember that Google  main purpose is to provide its users with Google using the search engine to find useful and authoritative information about specified by their search term. Does your article marketing strategies into account and, if Google's algorithm computes the  that the contents of the page or the article does not provide information that is useful and authoritative, and then don  't expect listed.

How can you write the article, and Google is not the customers, according to the '  ' in Google, take to meet the needs of the Note, but Google, according to the customers!  For those who understand how to write articles when you know that the Panda-you should enter only those subjects they know little of the fair. Article marketing has returned to the author, instead of the domain Spinner or a plagiarist.

Fudging and waffle will no longer work, no matter how many keywords You sprinkle on it, and this marks the end of many expensive eBooks out there that explain how to create a meaningful article, and also many forms of spinning software that will make the article a bit of meaning and of course there is no opportunity to be listed.

Article spinning is on its way out due to the Panda Google algorithm update no matter what the software designers try to tell you-directly from Google  the mouth! Cession of spiders and start writing your own articles with dust; with a lack of resemblance to thousands of other articles and with some unique or at least meaningful information useful to Google  customers.

Less than 400 words in the article, is no longer acceptable, and we encourage you to write an error 500-800 words, if you want the Google article, or web pages. Ezine article, no longer accepts less than 400 words, I think, be in the 500, but I was also one of those who complained about the article is less than 400, so I have my way.

How to write the article after the Panda Google easy to write about topics that you know or care about good writing and good grammar and spelling (invalid syntax are not acceptable in the article marketing). Structure your article correctly. Make it clear exactly what you're writing about and try to be original without copying other articles all actions, and then maybe get your article for publication and if it is, you also have the opportunity to be represented by Google.

Adoption and lists no longer guaranteed, and a large number of submissions to Ezine articles were denied when they are accepted for publication before the Panda. Most of these unacceptable articles were removed from Google's index is in, and thus their lists and directories  ' databases.

Article marketing is becoming close with real articles to write software without using spinners or scrapers, plagiarizing or other objects, copying published online a genuine Writers again, honest. Google got wise to you in such a way as to produce a clear and honest information about the fair and you will be rewarded. Something else, and you will get punished if you do not know how to write articles-especially after updating Google Panda.

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