Monday, 4 July 2011

SEO tips for writing great article

Are you a good SEO writer? Although writing is one thing, but writes well online is quite another. I'm astonished by how many pump of Web sites on many good content without taking the time to do some basic SEO moves that can easily double their website traffic. Writing "for research engines" is in fact a very hot debate where some argue that his unnatural and that it may breach principles of good literature. " On the other hand, much written won ' t be rewarded with readers is it can ' t be found.

In my view, the secret lies in finding a compromise between good writing and making some basic moves that allow search engines to find and order a specific article. Not rocket science either. Here are some basic tips to get you started.

1. Keywords
All articles must be based on keywords or keyword phrases. As far as possible, you should do some basic research keywords, to see what people are looking for. The secret is that people will often type in different words, to find what you could call it under a different name. This is especially true if you are an expert in the field, and you are caught in their own world.

2. Title
The title of the article are important elements of SEO Title originally finds way into URL (depending on which directory CMS or article you used), which is important from the perspective of SEO are 2 titles with H1 or H2 tag with, which is another SEO component important to close the course for which you want to keep your keywords in the title and URL.

3. the article body
Obviously, you should use keywords or keyword phrases in the body of the article. A good practice is to use it in the first paragraph because it often becomes a summary of the article in the directory. Don 't overdo it though . Keyword density from 2-3% encouraged and tried to use a variation of it as possible.

4. the length of the article
The ideal SEO article consists of four paragraphs 100 words with the headword in the first and last paragraph. Some argue that writing more articles with more content is more valuable, but there is no conclusive evidence of that. Too short however may be a problem. Try and write at least 250 words and always pay attention to keyword density.

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